Relics & Bones Circle Tour - Explore Historic & Prehistoric Alberta

Limited Enrollment Preview Offering - July 24th - 30th, 2022

Relics & Bones Circle Tour

The Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association is excited to include the Preview-Offering of our new Destination Tourism Package as part of our Rumble Alberta Campaign.

Rumble Alberta™ is a province-wide family friendly event that encourages travelers to seek the open road, get out of their vehicles, and explore Alberta. Our Scavenger Hunt design lets participants enjoy a day off, a week off or for a full blown Alberta Staycation. 44 highway routes, and 14 off road routes touch-down in 480 rural communities,  Points are earned for capturing photos at waypoints and visiting local businesses.  Prizes and discounts are available as visitors qualify. Best of all, visitors can enjoy scavenger hunts designed to show off the beauty of our Province in each season of the year.  Visit www.rumblealberta.com for more details.

Last year, Rumble Alberta invited influencers to ride-along.  We explored small communities with incredible offerings in food and culture alongside the landmarks and vistas  Alberta has on display. 

Relics & Bones - Circle Tour

Explore Historic & Prehistoric Alberta

Limited Enrollment Preview Offering - July 24th - 30th, 2022

The Relics & Bones Circle Tour is CMTAs first package tour, and will provide the proof-of-concept for future Destination - Alberta tour offerings. The focus on historic & prehistoric locales is designed to attract Curious Adventurers and Hotspot Hunters from both domestic and international markets. 

An embarrassment of riches…

Alberta has an abundance of places to attract visitors who love history, driving to travel and food. The target market for Relics & Bones Circle Tour(s) love authentic, connected experiences.

Participants in the Preview-Offering will go on a 2,900 KM journey, tour Alberta’s Oldest Community, travel 2 ferries, dig in at 2 dinosaur museums, forge a personal cattle brand, delight in Western, French and Indigenous cultures all while exploring historic and prehistoric Alberta.

This is NOT a uniquely Motorcycle Tour, however, by ensuring that motorcyclists are taken care of well, we ensure that most other Hotspot Hunters will also be well looked after and feel this tour was worth the money and the time and that they got the experiences and connections they were seeking.  You may join us in a vehicle however, we are unable to pay for your fuel at this time, so sharing with someone might be a great way to do this. 

We can put that together for you.


We are looking for the following personalities to join our Preview this July:

  1. Retired hotelier or hospitality industry partner 

  2. A travel writer, someone with a proven track record and good body of work.

We do not want any of the people on the tour being photographed or written about. 

We only want to see the attractions and scenery through your lens. 

We want to know what inspires you and catches your eye.  

  1. A Food Critic.  Someone with a track record and audience.

Our goal is to ensure that the food we are supplying on this trip is at least 3-4 star standard for evening meals and three star for lunches. 

  1. A Motorcycle Influencer, preferably an on road rider for this tour, and you must have a substantial audience.

  2. A Moto Influencer. Someone who travels in a vehicle - van, SUV, car, truck, hotrod…and has a great audience. 

You will be joining me, a motorcycle tour guide and a travel agent.

 Pilot Pricing:

$1395 - 20 meals, 7 nights hotel, all your attractions.
 + Fuel + adult beverages, tips

Your feedback will help us determine which attractions and experiences are best-bundled together to create 7 and 10 day tour packages

For More information please contact:

Renee Charbonneau

Executive Director, CMTA


(780) 933-0182

Fill out the from below for more information



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