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The Never Ride Alone Program - Don't leave home without it!

Never Ride Alone
The Never Ride Alone Program from Intercon Messaging - normally a $65 call is FREE to registered members of - you call them,
tell them where you are going, what you ride and your contact info and then check in with the service during fuel stops.
Should you not make it to your next or final stop within 15 - 30 minutes of the estimated time of your arrival, the service will start attempting to contact you at the numbers you provided.
(Time will be set between you and your operator). 
If after two attempts they are not successful in raising you - 911 services are dispatched to go find you from your last check in point.
For areas where cell phones don't function well,  or GPS and cell is damaged in a crash, this service could save your life.
This service is available in Canada and the Continental USA.
The Never Ride Alone Support Centre from Intercon Messaging is a toll free service that allows regietered members of to access the Never Ride Alone Program.

Motorcycle Towing Services

Motorcycle Towing Services



Deluxe Plan:

MTS pays the first $150 of a covered disablement.  Any overage amount is the responsibility of the member at the time of service.

It covers full dispatch service through our dispatch center that is available 24/7/365.

The plan covers breakdowns in the U.S. and Canada.

It is full roadside assistance coverage, towing, fuel deliveries, jump starts, etc.  

The plan covers 1 bike for the base price. All motorcycles must be registered with MTS to be covered.

Regular price is $55 (USD) per year.

Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association rate is $25 (USD) per year.

To learn more about us visit our website.

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SkyMed Insurance

SkyMed Insurance
Download the SkyMed Brochure

When you travel, having the right insurance is vital. 

Many people head off on vacations or road trips and never stop to think about the potential of illness or injury that might involve an air ambulance. 
The cost of that alone can be crippling financially.
SkyMed Insurance has you covered.  See the SkyMed Brochure and Application forms for more information or contact:

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Braithwaite Boyle - White Knights Law

Braithwaite & Boyle White Knights Law

The White Knights Injury Law Team of Braithwaite Boyle Accident Injury Law is proud to be presenting sponsor of the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association.

Ken Braithwaite has been riding motorcycles for over 50 years and is thrilled to share his love of motorcycling by sponsoring the CMTA!

"We want to FUEL your Passion to Ride and among other things, we are supplying $20, $50 and $1,000 Gas Cards to the CMTA for you to win!

Ride Nights, Members Only Draws and the Ultimate Alberta & BC Motorcycle Vacation Packages are just a few of the ways we are involved int he Motorcycle Communtiy." Ken Braithwaite