Eric Larson

Eric Larson

I got my first Honda 70 when I was 11 or 12 years old. Dad bought that bike off of an uncle and the freedom it gave a Saskatchewan farm kid was amazing.  Nothing gives the feeling of walking 4 or 5 miles when the gas didn't go as far as the heart of a young boy.
Once I started working in law enforcement I took a hiatus from riding because we just didn't have the disposable cash, only to get back into it again in 2008 or 09. Since that time I have traveled solo to Mexico, Alaska, Tuktoyuktuk, and large parts of Canada and the United States, and although I take a yearly trip with two friends for a week or two, solo riding provides both freedom and a test of sanity. My goal every year is to beat my personal best of 55000 kms on 2 wheels in a year, so maybe this is the year!
My future plans include a round the world trip on my Africa Twin and meeting many more bikers that share this great life style. If you happen to see me in my travels come and say hi. Let me hear your stories, as only another biker has. Bikers are a breed apart and most non bikers will never understand. 
Eric Iggy Larson
Eric Iggy Larson
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winter in canadaThe bike shows have come and gone in western Canada and we are still left with a few months of winter. That gives us time to reflect and plan. 

Eric LarsenWell actually it is the night before the Calgary show and I have one more week to wait.


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