Norm McRae

Norm McRae

I'm a Veteran, through and through. I served 22 years as an aircraft mechanic in the Royal Canadian Air Force, of which I'm extremely proud.  I'm the son of a WW2 Veteran, and 8 of my Uncles served in WW2, and one was killed in Korea. Both of my grandfathers served Canada in WW1, and one was shot no less than 5 times, yet still survived after walking 5 km to an Aid Station. And then he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force after the War. TOUGH man that I very much admire!

I started riding motorcycles somewhere around 2000, when my boss sold me an old Yamaha XS650 for $800.  I LOVE riding that bike, and even though it had a host of problems (it had been dropped on an Autobahn by a P.O when he was in Germany), it got me from Cold Lake to Calgary and back many times. The carbs were always (and still are) a problem on it, but since doing a complete ground-up on it, most of the other problems are behind her, and she looks and rides GREAT! Nowadays, I usually ride my Yamaha Bolt, which is a LOT more reliable (Fuel injection sure beats 40 year old dual carbs!).

When I retired from the Air Force, I moved to Airdrie. Close to home, even though both of my parents have passed.  I grew up in Calgary and love the area, and have discovered a whole new side if it since I came back, since I'd never seen the place from a motorcycle before.

As a Veteran, I'm also promoting the Legion and the Legion Riders, but I really want to urge ALL Veterans and Riders to get involved, even if they don't join the Legion.  Getting out and riding, especially with friends, is a great way to meet people, see interesting places, reduce stress and generally have some fun! That's one thing I like about the Legion Riders - we avoid any politics and just enjoy ourselves.

We have a small group of Legion Riders in Airdrie and Calgary, and we always ride in the Airdrie Canada Day Parade to show off our rides and pride and hand out a few hundred Canadian Flags to the kids! I also ride with a group of Legion Riders in Carbon, Alta (Hey, Hoss!), who are a great bunch to ride and hang around with, but I'll ride with almost anybody. I often show up at the Airdrie Bike Nights, and hopefully I'll have a few rides with them, too.

I'm hoping to chat about local rides and attractions, as well as motorcycle groups, Bike Nights, and anything else that might interest other riders out there. There are a HUGE number of great rides and routes, and LOTS to see in the area, most of which you can't see from the seat of a car.  I hope to discover a few of them with you!

Ride Safe!


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